It’s hard to be the guy trying to do the right thing 

This WaPo article on James Comey’s testimony before the Senate both chides the FBI director and acknowledges that the details in the chain of events leading up to Comey’s decision to announce that the investigation into Secy. Hillary Clinton’s emails mattered. 

My first thought is, “C’mon, man! It’s hard being the guy making the decisions. It’s easy to criticize after the fact and when you’re not that guy!” But I also recognize that when you take on such a role, you accept that your decisions will be criticized, even when there were no good options. 

I need someone to convince me, though, that there were no better options for Director Comey. Could he not have center-staged himself and the look into Secy. Clinton’s emails – when he opened, when he closed, when he re-opened the investigation? He’s stayed low-key with the investigations into the Trump campaign’s possible connections to Russian leadership. Hasn’t he? 

I truly don’t believe he wanted to sway the election. But, as my Daddy used to say when I defended my mistakes by saying “I wasn’t trying to!”: “sometimes you have to try not to.”