Echoless Chamber: a Twitter list to help you combat algorithm bias in your newsfeeds

The idea here is not to provide you with bias-free news sources, though. The idea is that all sources are biased, to varying degrees and in varying ways – and so are the people reading them (and that means you). 

Read everything, and read everything as a primary source – as situated at some particular perspective you only know little or nothing about. 
And wrestle with your own biases. Try to convince yourself that your understanding is wrong. 

This doesn’t mean alternative facts are facts. They’re not. It just means that you have the ability to discern facts – and will be better able to understand and support your own views – if you take in varying perspectives and recognize them all as being framed in some way. 

Check out EcholessChamber by @krissa_swain: https://twitter.com/krissa_swain/lists/echolesschamber?s=09